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Welcome to MyManagementGuide.com (MyMG)

This website offers plenty of guidelines, articles, templates, checklists, fundamental practices, downloads, and more that help you learn the management knowledge area. All tutorials at MyManagementGuide.com (MyMG) are combined into a single guide to project management best practices, which is in essence an online knowledge base. Browse the MyMG knowledge base to find out how to improve your knowledge and experience in managing project processes, HR, requirements, goals, communications, risks, budgets, schedules, and more.

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The Project Management Guide's Key Sections

Project Management Basics and Fundamental Knowledge

PM Basics and Fundamental Knowledge

For project managers, the ground is constantly shifting, but the fundamental knowledge remains suitable and applicable anyway anytime. View the "Project Management Basics" section to learn the basic definitions, principles and practices that allow you to be professional in leadership, development and implementation. Explore

Project Management Guidelines and Best Practices Guides

PM Guidelines and Best Practices Guides

The "Project Management Guidelines" section discovers the key principles, knowledge areas, recommendations, and best practices of doing projects efficiently and effectively. Read the PM Guidelines to gain insight into how to become more competent in managing the cost, human resources, communication, risk, and procurement of your projects. Explore

Project Management FAQ


Being a project leader is challenging and requires a lot of time and effort. In this section of the guide to project management you can find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about effective and efficient management. The PM FAQ will help you meet the challenge and address the most critical issues. Explore

PM Templates and Checklists

Templates and Checklists

A project template serves as a basis or best practices guide for planning, controlling and delivering project activities, with a certain degree of freedom in making alterations or modifications. The "Templates" section guides you through the basic PM processes and steps organized into convenient templates and checklists. Explore

Free Articles and White Papers

Directory of Free Articles and White Papers

Browse through the extensive list of free articles, white papers, and downloads to find the titles that best match your business needs and personal skills. The "Articles" section highlights a lot of topics, include IT & Software, PM Tips & Ideas, How-to Guides, Teamwork & Leadership, and more. All articles are written by professionals qualified in management.

With the streamlined development of Internet technologies and online communities, the opportunities for education, training and self-improvement have become much closer and affordable to professional project managers, businessmen, educators, students and just beginners worldwide. Today numerous online guidelines, manuals, templates, tools, and guides to project management best practices are available on the Web for free 24 hours, 7 days a week.

MyManagementGuide.com is one of those online knowledge bases that make training and self-improvement much easier and accessible. Here you will read and download lots of free tutorials, templates, best practices guides and other interesting information that can you help with developing your skills, enhancing your career, and enriching your knowledge in the field of project management.